Guiding Campus and Community Connections

New Possibilities for Collaboration

A commitment to practices of reciprocity and redistribution also opens up possibilities for new forms of collaboration:

  • between faculty and graduate students and staff;
  • between HWW partner universities and regional and community colleges;
  • between Predominantly White Institutions and Minority Serving Institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Tribal Colleges;
  • between each campus and its variety of public stakeholders

Through modes of research partnership that are reciprocal and redistributive, collaborators will demonstrate that “humanities without walls” is not only a metaphor but also a strategic commitment to imagining and doing academic work more inclusively—with universal access, social equity and racial diversity always front of mind.

HWW Workshops

We CU: Guiding Campus and Community Collaborations

Collaborating with Graduate Students

Partnering with Community Colleges & Minority Serving Institutions