Research Methods and Ethics

Drawing on five years of experience with multi-institutional partnership in collaborative research and graduate training, we commit ourselves to the following strategic goals centered on redistribution and reciprocity as hallmarks of HWW methodology.

HWW's Goals

  • prioritize the education and well-being of people who have not historically had opportunity or access to higher education through socially just commitments and practices;
  • rethink traditional doctoral training by foregrounding the discernment of values and opportunities that graduate education has not imagined or anticipated;
  • disrupt boundaries between the academy and “the world” through the design of reciprocal, ethical, and equitable partnerships;
  • cultivate humanities-based intellectual leaders who can align with local institutional and community values;
  • respond to the shifting landscape in both the humanities and in higher education with dynamic and ever-evolving humanities-based habits of mind;
  • think intentionally and proactively about developing reciprocal, co-created working relationships;
  • offer education/training in a variety of “humanities without walls” dispositions and skills to redistribute the insights, resources and working knowledge HWW has gained.

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