HWW Alumni Board Spotlight: Andrew Boge

Meet Andrew Boge, doctoral student and graduate teaching assistant at the University of Iowa in the Department of Communication Studies.

Andrew Boge
Andrew Boge

As a current member of HWW's alumni board, Andrew consults with the HWW PI and staff on future workshop designs and other programming. Andrew attended HWW's Career Diversity Summer Workshop in 2021.

Describe Humanities Without Walls in 1-2 sentences.

A humanities lab dedicated to cultivating career experimentation and vocational dreaming.

What is one thing you learned at the HWW workshop that impacted your life?

My relationship to “work” should be dynamic, adaptable, and contingent. Finding meaning in work can look different depending upon the context and where I am in my life. In other words, a career journey necessitates a posture defined by imagination and possibility.

What advice do you have for workshop participants?

Find the passionate people. I met so many people that weren’t necessarily doing career-work I found motivating but became inspired by their passion for what they do, and still managed to learn a great deal. Seeing and meeting people who are living out a purpose, however that is defined, taught me about the messiness of finding meaningful work. Ultimately, passion is contagious and can provide you the energy necessary to tackle the complex road of career-diversity within academia.

What was the most memorable part of the HWW workshop?

Informational interviews!! I had a conversation with a prominent museum educator and now they are both a professional contact and a friend. I continue to meet with this person with the hopes of future collaboration. There is something very organic and exciting about sitting down with someone to simply learn about how they got to where they are in life.