Evaluating Humanities Without Walls Pre-Doctoral Workshop Applications

The Humanities Without Walls (HWW) Predoctoral Career Diversity Summer Workshops aim to prepare doctoral students for careers both within and outside the academy. Graduate students selected for this program will engage in intensive discussions with organizers of public humanities projects, leaders of university presses and learned societies, experts in the various domains of the digital humanities, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and holders of important non-faculty positions in colleges and universities (academic administrators, student services professionals, librarians and archivists, development officers, and so forth).

In summer 2021, HWW is holding its first online, national, virtual summer workshop for doctoral students interested in learning about careers outside of the academy and/or the tenure track system. Through a series of workshops, talks, and virtual field trips, participants learn how to leverage their skills and training towards careers in the private sector, the non-profit world, arts administration, public media and many other fields. All aspects of the workshop will be remote, virtual, and online in nature.

We invite applications from doctoral students pursuing degree in the humanities and humanistic social sciences to participate in this three-week, virtual summer workshop. This is a limited-submission application. Eligible doctoral students must be nominated for this fellowship by their home institutions, and only one nomination may be made to HWW by each university. To be considered, interested doctoral students must submit the required application materials (see the Call for Applications) to their home universities’ humanities center director, graduate college dean, or equivalent by October 31, 2020. Please do not submit your applications directly to HWW.

Humanities Center Director, Graduate College Dean, or equivalent should submit the application for their nominee by midnight CST on December 1st, 2020. Applications should be submitted to HWW-DirectorOps@illinois.edu as a single PDF file attached to an email with the subject line “2021 PreDoc Application.”

Here is a list of criteria that we have suggested applicants use as the basis for their application narratives. You might find them useful as the basis for your own internal evaluation process:

  1. What does “career diversity” mean to you and what do you know about career diversity in graduate education?
  2. Why are you interested in attending the workshop?
  3. What kinds of knowledge and skills are you seeking from the workshop?
  4. How do you envision sharing what you learn at the workshop with your colleagues, department, campus, and beyond?
  5. What experiences have you had in applied or public humanities or public engagement?
  6. What do you hope to achieve as a result of attending the workshop?

Review Phase 1 (internal candidate selection): Humanities Centers Directors, Graduate College Deans, or equivalent: you are reading the applications from your home universities and selecting your nominee using your own internal vetting and selection mechanisms. You need to select the most promising candidate to submit for review and selection by the HWW Predoctoral Summer Workshop Steering Committee.

Review Phase 2 (first HWW winnowing): In the event that we receive a large number of applications, each member of the HWW Predoctoral Summer Workshop Steering Committee will be given roughly the same number/percentage of applications to review, using the above criteria as a baseline. The goal of this winnowing is to reduce the total applicant pool to a list of semi-finalists.

Review Phase 3 (final selection): The members of the HWW Predoctoral Summer Workshop Steering Committee will review and assess the semi-finalists, using the above criteria as a baseline, to select the final cohort of Fellows and a list of Alternates.

Announcement of fellowship awards will be made in January 2021. All questions should be directed to Jason Mierek, HWW's Director of Operations, at HWW-DirectorOps@illinois.edu.