2014 Seed Grants

Before issuing its first call for Global Midwest proposals, the Humanities Without Walls consortium gave a small seed award to each of the fifteen campuses in the consortium. These awards were intended to stimulate and support the development of collaborative research projects on the broad theme of the “Global Midwest.” It is our hope that these projects will develop into collaborative, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research proposals suitable to receive funding through our Global Midwest initiative.


Indiana University Bloomington

From Old Northwest Territory to New Entrepreneurial State: Indiana and Illinois across Two Centuries of Historical Reflection and Global Change
Eric Sandweiss (Indiana University Bloomington)

Chinese Vernacular Culture in the Global Midwest: A Public Humanities Research Collaboration
Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University Bloomington)

The Role of the Humanities in Reframing Area and Global Studies
Heidi Ross (Indiana University Bloomington)


Michigan State University

May 2014 Symposium on Global Midwest

The Religious Soundmap Project of the Global Midwest
Amy DeRogatis (Religion and American Culture)

Muslims in the Midwest
Mohammad Khalil (Religious Studies and Law)

Global Detroit: Mutations of Urbanism in the 21st Century
Xuefei Ren (Sociology)

The New Ethics of Food
Gretel Van Wieren (Religious Studies)


Northwestern University

Toward a Global Midwest Digital Archive of 1960s and 70s Poetry and Print Culture
John Alba Cutler (English); Harris Feinsod (English)

The Classicizing Chicago Project
S. Sara Monoson (Classics and Political Science)

Global Work and Global Working-Class Community in the Midwest
Micaela di Leonardo (Anthropology and Performance Studies)
Soyini Madison (Performance Studies and Anthropology)

Musical Transformations in New North American Nations, 1780-1860
Drew Edward Davies (Musicology)

Storytelling in the Global Midwest
Ji-Yeon Yuh (History)

"Beyond Coasts: Haiti and the Mid-West" – A 2-day Symposium
Kantara Souffrant (Performance Studies)

Invisible Filipino-Americans: The Filipino Diaspora in Chicago after 1965
Joy N. Sales (History)

Mapping the Plays of Szczesny Zahajkiewicz, Polish Chicago Playwright
Megan Geigner (Theatre and Drama)

Mid-East in the Midwest: Arab American Dance and Performance, Transnational Embodiment, Archives and Repertoires
Meiver De la Cruz (Performance Studies)

The Midwestern Borderland: A Reading Group
Ashley Johnson (History)

Renaissance Books, Midwestern Libraries
Andrew S. Keener (English)


Ohio State University

Geontology of the Global Midwest
Mat Coleman (Geography)
Thomas Davis (English)
Mary Thomas (Womens’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Max D. Woodworth (Geography)

Latina/o Midwest
Theresa Delgadillo (Comparative Studies)

The Midwest Heritage Language Network
Glenn Martinez (Spanish and Portuguese)
Diane Dirckbichler (French and Italian)

Re-Imagining the Global Midwest: Relocation, Rehabilitation, and Reclamation
Chad Allen (Director, Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU)
Christine Ballengee-Morris (Coordinator of American Indian Studies)
Debra Moddelmog (Coordinator of Sexuality Studies)
Amy Shuman (Coordinator of Disability Studies)
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu (Coordinator of Asian American Studies and Mini-DISCO)

The Religious Soundmap Project
Isaac Weiner (Comparative Studies)

there there: an online journal of contemporary art
Kris Paulsen (History of Art)
Lisa Florman (History of Art)

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Penn State University

Midwestern Sounds, Global Echoes: The Cultural, Historical, and Biological Soundscapes of the Midwest
Matt Jordan (Media Studies)

Deconstructing the Midwest’s Agricultural Vision
Prakash Kumar (History and Asian Studies)
Bryan McDonald (History)

The Global Importance of Midwestern Heritage Languages
Michael Putnam (German and Linguistics)

Purdue University

Moving towards the New Millennium: Assessing Global Implications of Recent American Political History
Kathryn Brownell (History)

Humanities within Walls: The Impact of Novels on Prisoner's Theory of Mind and the Potential Integration of a Fiction-Based Empathy Experience
Paula Leverage (French)


University of Chicago

A History of the Field Museum's Native American Anthropology Collection and its Influence on the Indigenous Cultural Property Rights Movement
Justin Richland (Anthropology)

From the Midwest to Africa: Or, Why did Midwestern Universities Lead When It Came to Engaging Africa?
Emily Lynn Osborn (African History)

Global Poetry: Chicago Modernism at the World Scale
Hoyt Long (Japanese Literature, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
Richard Jean So (English)

The Global Midwest: A History of World Music Recording
Philip Bohlman (Music and the Humanities)
James Nye (Bibliographer for Southern Asia)

University of Illinois at Chicago

A Diet of Globalization: The History and Possible Furtures of Mexican Foodways
Christopher Boyer (History and Latin American and Latino Studies)

Collaborative Collection of Chicago's Community Histories
Jennifer Brier (Gender and Women's Studies and History)
Elena Gutierrez (Gender and Women's Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies)

The Great Lakes: Global Water and International Boundaries
Rachel Havrelock (English) ​

"Trans-displacements:  Migration, Gentrification and Citizenship"
 Amalia Pallares (Latin American and Latino Studies and Political Science

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

August 2014 Global Midwest workshop

September All-consortium Global Midwest weekend workshop in Chicago, IL


University of Iowa

Global Midwest Through Animal Lives
Kim Marra (Theatre Arts and American Studies)

Midwestern Futures: Midwestern Voices, Midwestern Vision
Chuck Connerly (Urban & Regional Planning)

Scholars Connecting with American Indian Communities and Tribes
Jacki Rand Thompson (History)


University of Michigan

African Immigrants and the Global Midwest: Mapping Spaces of Experience, Horizons, and Humanitarian Zones in Detroit and the Twin Cities
Nancy Hunt (History, Obstetrics & Gynecology)

The Multilingual Midwest and Translation/Interpretation for Social Justice
Silke-Maria Weineck (German)
Yopie Prins (English)

The Midwest Performance Network
Holly Hughes (Art & Design, Theatre & Drama, Women’s Studies)

Exploring the Feasibility of a Digital Collections Aggregator for the Great Lakes Region
Paul Conway (Information)

Midwest Media (Filmic Cultures in the Midwest)
Daniel Herbert (Screen Arts & Cultures)
Richard Abel (International Film & Media)

The Midwaste: Residual Geographies (Waste Studies)
Andrew Herscher (Architecture, Slavic, History of Art)
Shira Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Nick Caverly (Anthropology)

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University of Minnesota

Immigration in the Global Midwest
Erika Lee (Director of the Immigration History Research Center)

Prairie Schools
Paula Rabinowitz (English)
Jani Scandura (English)

Vulnerability and Resourcefulness
Bruce Braun (Geography, Environment & Society)
Valentine Cadieux ( Sociology and Geography, Environment & Society)
Kate Derickson (Geography, Environment & Society)
Tracey Deutsch (History)
Jeanne Kilde (Religious Studies Program)
Charlotte Melin (German, Scandanavian & Dutch)
Pat Nunnally (River Life Program, IAS)
Dan Philippon (English)
Matthew Tucker (Landscape Architecture)

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University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Ohio Hopewell: Prehistoric Crossroads of the American Midwest
Carrie Heitman (Anthropology)

University of Notre Dame

African Slavery and the Global Midwest in the 18th Century
Sophie White (American Studies)

Third Stage: An Inter-American Music Project in the Global Midwest
Carmen Tellez (Music)


University of Wisconsin at Madison

Vernaculars of the Global Midwest: Ethnography, Archiving and Access

Living With Waste: New Economies of the Midwest

Asian American Midwest
Victor Jew (Asian American Studies)