Criteria for selecting “The Work of the Humanities in a Changing Climate” funded projects

These criteria are in addition to the expectation that all eligibility requirements have been met by the applicants.

General Guideline: Overall, the committee should aim for a fairly even distribution of funding awards across the consortial institutions if at all possible.

  • What is the research question? Is it self-evident in the proposal?
  • What are the research outcomes, for the collaboration and the individual scholars? Are these outcomes visible? What is their impact?
  • Overall excellence of the proposed research project
  • Productivity track-record of the applicants (how likely are they to produce outcomes within the grant period or a reasonable period thereafter?)
  • Is the work plan realistic/practical/realizable within the time frame of the grant?
  • Is the budget carefully constructed and reasonable for the proposed work?
  • Do the qualifications of the applicants match the proposed work to be conducted?
  • Does the proposed project rely on cross-institutional collaboration, or could this project be conducted without consortial collaboration?
  • Does the proposed project demonstrate innovative methods of research that are specific to the collaborative nature of this initiative?
  • Are the proposed outcomes realistically formulated, and are they of demonstrable impact? Is the intellectual contribution of clear significance?