Past Funded Projects

Global Midwest (2015-2016)

In this cohort, the principal long-term objectives were to reveal and rethink the Midwest as a major force in this century’s global economy and culture and to demonstrate how the “applied humanities” can contribute to the work on grand intellectual challenges.

Funded Projects

  • Safoi Babana-Hampton, "Hmong Memory at the Crossroads" and "Growing Up Hmong at the Crossroads"
  • Philip V. Bohlman, "A History of World Music Recording"
  • Paul Conway, "Aggregating Great Lakes Environmental History"
  • Harriet Green, "Humanities Collaborations and Research Practices: Exploring Scholarship in the Global Midwest"
  • Rachel Havrelock, "The Great Lakes and the Global Midwest" and "Great Lakes and the Jordan Valley: Articulating Water Needs, the Right to Water, and Water Sovereignty in the Quest for Water Justice"
  • Andrew Herscher, "The Midwaste: Midwestern Wasteways and Global Futures"
  • Holly Hughes, "Perform Midwest: Incubating Collaborative Research"
  • Mohammad Hassan Khalil, "Muslims of the Midwest: An Oral History Project"
  • Glenn Martínez, "The Midwest Heritage Language Network"
  • Damani Partridge, "African Immigration and the Production of the Global Futures: Detroit & Berlin"
  • Kris Paulsen, "There There: A Journal of Global Contemporary Art in the Midwest"
  • Michael T. Putnam, "The Importance of the Last Generation: Midwest Heritage German Speakers"
  • Justin B. Richland, "Open Fields: The Chicago Field Museum's Anthropology Collection and Its Influence on European Enchantments with Native America"
  • Isaac Weiner, "The Religious Soundmap Project of the Global Midwest"
  • Jean Beaman, "'BlackLivesMatter': Racial Tension and Police Violence in the Midwest and Beyond"
  • Gilberto Cárdenas, "¡Latinoamérica Presente!: Tracing the Hidden Histories of Latina/o Art, Aesthetics, and Expressive Culture in the Global Midwest"
  • Anita Say Chan, "Collaborative Innovation and the Global Midwest: Inter-disciplinary Design and Envisioning Prairie Futures"
  • Ryan Griffis, "The Earth Will Not Abide"
  • Faranak Miraftab, "Insurgent Midwest: Transnational Dialogue for a Humane Urbanism"
  • Xuefei Ren, "Detroit in China: Postindustrial Cities and Urban Representations in the Midwest and China"
  • Gretel Van Wieren, "The New Ethics of Food"
  • Ji-Yeon Yuh, "Performing History: Documenting and Enacting the Asian American Midwest"

Work of the Humanities in a Changing Climate (2017-2018)

The projects in this cohort were developed around the question, What is the work of the humanities in a changing climate? In its narrowest interpretation, it called for collaborative work on climate change, arguably the most pressing grand challenge of our time. As a metaphor, climate change is pluripotent: it offers humanists the opportunity to think expansively about the meanings of “climate” and “change” as they manifest in their own research, and to bring their contributions to bear on cognate questions in the present.

Funded Projects

  • Theresa Delgadillo, "Building Sustainable Worlds: Latinx Placemaking in the Midwest"
  • Valentina Denzel, "Legacies of the Enlightenment: Humanity, Nature, and Science in a Changing Climate"
  • Bradley Dilger, "Crow: the Corpus & Repository of Writing"
  • Ömür Harmanşah, "Political Ecology as Practice: A Regional Approach to the Anthropocene"
  • Hannah Higgins, "Garden for a Changing Climate"
  • Patrick Jagoda, "Transmedia Collage: Histories of Violence and Futures of Health on Chicago's South Side"
  • Lisa H. Sideris, "Being Human in the Age of Humans: Perspectives from Religion and Ethics"
  • Samer Alatout, "Hydrologies of the Anthropocene: Social Flows and Engineered Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin"
  • Mary G. Dietz, "Arendt on Earth: From the Archimedean Point to the Anthropocene"
  • Mark Pedelty, "Field to Media: Applied Ecomusicology for a Changing Climate"
  • John Randolph, "The Classroom and the Future of the Historical Record: Humanities Education in a Changing Climate for Knowledge Production"
  • Hervé Reculeau, "Coping with Changing Climates in Early Antiquity: Comparative Approaches between Empiricism and Theory"
  • Jacqueline Rhodes, "Building Collectives in a Changing Healthcare Climate"
  • Kelly Wisecup, "Indigenous Art and Activism in Changing Climates: The Mississippi River Valley, Colonialism, and Environmental Change"