Consortium Objectives

The large-scale collaboration constituted in the Humanities Without Walls (HWW) consortium and its initiatives makes possible many innovative and experimental objectives.

  • Operating at the scale of 15 large institutions allows HWW to magnify the impact of experiments in pedagogy and in multi-institutional collaborative research in the humanities.
  • By distributing risks, HWW permits a degree of experimentation and innovation that no single institution might be willing to risk on its own.
  • Leveraging the strengths and resources of the constituent universities affords HWW the ability to try newly developed research questions and methods that are not feasibly tested on a single campus.
  • HWW, in collaboration with the Chicago Humanities Festival, is exploring and fostering career diversity in graduate education. Through a series of predoctoral summer workshops HWW is creating a new culture for graduate education that simultaneously seeks to advance the public profile of the humanities nationwide.
  • HWW continues to engage with the Predoctoral Fellows after their participation in the summer workshops in order to push innovations in graduate educational culture back into various disciplinary, departmental, and campus ecosystems as part of a broader attempt to reshape higher education.
  • By including graduate students as full research participants in its funded collaborative research HWW deliberately encourages the professional development of graduate students for careers inside and outside of the academy.
  • The unprecedented scale of HWW and its initiatives increases the visibility of the humanities, by creating opportunities for outcomes and products that will significantly highlight the vibrant cultures of humanities scholarship on each campus and throughout the consortium.
  • By supporting scholarly collaborations that leverage multi-institutional resources, HWW seeks to create new possibilities for externally funded research through collaborations.
  • Working together, the HWW partners comprise a single “voice” that can advocate for humanities-related issues, representing the interests of 15 major research institutions and beyond.