2018 Humanities Without Walls Pre-Doctoral Workshop Fellows and Participants

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Indiana University Bloomington

Stephanie Huezo, History
Jennie Williams, Ethnomusicology

Michigan State University

Kenlea Pebbles, Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures
Krsna Santos, German Studies

Northwestern University

Gideon Cohn-Postar, History
Maria Dikcis, English
Angela Tate, History

Ohio State University

Eleanor Paynter, Comparative Studies
Erik Scaltriti, Italian

Pennsylvania State University

Kaitlyn Newman, Philosophy

Purdue University

Alzbeta Hajkova, Philosophy
Keturah Nix, American Studies

University of Chicago

Christopher Grant, Anthropology
Laura Turner, Ethnomusicology

University of Illinois at Chicago

Anton Svynarenko, Slavic Studies
Sharaya Tindal Wiesendanger, History

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jamil Jorge, Musicology
Jessica Robinson, Communications and Media Studies (Institute of Communications Research)

University of Iowa

Lydia Maunz-Breese, English
Makayla Steiner, English

University of Michigan

Catherine Fairfield, English & Women's Studies
Michelle May-Curry, American Culture
Eshe Sherley, History

University of Minnesota

Hana Maruyama, American Studies
Joseph Whitson, American Studies

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Maureen Owens, History

University of Notre Dame

Sevda Arslan, Anthropology
Caitlin Smith Oyekole, English

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Carly Griffith, Geography
Alexandra Lakind, Curriculum and Instruction & Environment and Resources